Michael K. Yamaoka

Photographic Encounters:
A Crystallization of Inner Imagery

January 4 - January 28, 2011

Open Receptions: November 2 & 13. 2010 5-8 pm

Michael K. Yamaoka’s photography has a thoroughgoing sense of power and grace, as he explores the idea of beauty while creating a documentary of places and objects he encounters in his journeys.

Mr. Yamaoka is drawn to conditions of decaying beauty and the effects of time on places and structures. He is fascinated by the similarities he finds across time, culture and locale—echoes of shape, color and pattern, captured in his wide travels in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Russia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Portugal and the Azores, France, England, the Caribbean, and all over the United States including Alaska. He focuses on favorite themes of rooftops, reflections, light and shadow, and the drama of the sky, looking to portray a different idea of beauty in details the world often overlooks, preserving a record of what will soon pass away, never to be seen again.

“I invite you to share moments in time and place captured with my camera; of beauty created deliberately by man or coincidentally by nature; a celebration of our precious world.” — Michael K. Yamaoka

Michael K. Yamaoka
AFTER A THUNDERSTORM ,Digital Color Print, 2010
W 25 x H 30"